3rd Tabriz Stone Statues International Symposium Summon

Tabriz Municipality city Decoration Organization is holding the 3rd Stone Statues International symposium:

The 3rd Tabriz Stone Statues Symposium is being held internationally in the direction of continuing the 1st and the 2nd symposiums, with the purpose of establishing the constructive relations with the other countries’ artists in the direction of recognition of Iranian and Islamic Culture.

The Purposes of the Symposium:

To recognize the heritage of Iranian- Islamic culture and sequel to it to recognize Tabriz Local Culture, to benefit the capacity of the international Sculptors for the sake of creating the constructive relations with the artists of the other countries , for recognizing the culture and the arts of Iran and Tabriz city. Also to encourage the artists for presenting their own ideas within the frame of the Urban Statues for creating the effective relations with the citizens and the urban art addressees, to educate and transfer the artistic skills to the Art Students and the fan-lovers of Statuary Art and to display the contemporary Stone Statues as a form of Pub. Art and to supply the training facilities for educating the creative Stone Statues for attracting the addressees through-out country and to create field for observing the creation method of Artistic works in large scales.

The third Tabriz Stone Statues Symposium will be held internationally and in three fields of :Travertine, Marble and Granite, attending 35 artists in the Travertine,5 Artists Attending in the Marble and 5 Artists attending in the Granite field. The Symposium will be held in two Topics: 1-Free Subject, 2-The visualization of ”Light in the Islamic Art”.

The executors of the Symposium:

The General Secretary of the symposium: Mr. ALI FARROKHI
The Symposium executive Secretary: Mr. ALI KHAYYATI

The Council of works Selection:


The member of Policy Council:

MR.MOHAMMADREZA GHORBANIAN (The Assistant to the Urban Services of Municipality of Tabriz.-The chief of the board of the directors of City Decoration Organization of Tabriz Municipality).
Mr. EMADI (the General Manager of the Pub. Relations of the Tabriz municipality).
Hojjatoleslam HAMIDI (The Cultural and Social Affairs assistant)
Dr. MOHAHAMMAD MOHAMMADPOUR (The General Manager of Culture and Islamic Guidance Organization)
Mr. ABDOLLAH TAGHIPOUR (The member of the Board of directors of City Decoration Organization of Tabriz Municipality).
Dr. ANGAJI (The Chancellor of the Islamic Azad University-Tabriz Branch)
Dr. MOHAMMADZADEH (The Representative of the Islamic Art University).
Dr. HASSAN SATTARI (The Dean of the Faculty of Architecture of Islamic Azad University).
Mr. ALI FARROKHI (The General Manager of City Decoration Organization of Municipality of Tabriz)
Mr. ALIREZA AZINMEHR (The Office and financial Assitant to the Urban Decoration Organization of Tabriz Municipality).
Mr. ALI KHAYYATI (The Technical and Executive Assistant to The Urban Decoration Organization of Tabriz Municipality)
MR. MOHAMMADREZA ABBASSI (the Director of Security of Urban Decoration Organization of Tabriz Municipality)
Mr. BEHZAD SAHARGAHI (The Supervision manager of Urban Decoration Organization of Tabriz Municipality)
Ms. AZAM MIRNASL (In charge of Art Affairs of Urban Decoration Organization of Tabriz Municipality)
Ms. SABA NAZEMI (The Expert of Art Affairs of the Urban Decoration Organization of Tabriz Municipality)

The Final Refereeing List, consisting of the Domestic and Foreign Referees, will be declared later.

How to apply:

Applying for participation and sending the images of the works Maquettes is available merely by www.tabrizsymposium.com & www.tabrizsymposium.ir
The image size must be in minimum 100KB and in maximum 20 MB.
In Case of Willing, the applicants can send utmost 6 pictures of their prior works as their own resume, on the pictorial resume of the works on the registration page for introduction and the description of their work activities history.
The presented Maquette must be on the scale of 1/10.( In case of not observing the size of your work will not be forwarded to the referee Stage.)
The applicants must present the image of their Maquette in 4 Dimentions.
Each artist can present only utmost 2 Works.
The presented Maquettes must be made of the stable materials which can be exhibited on the sub-Exhibition Section.
All of the symposium participants must be experienced in and be capable in working with stone and be able to implement their own ideas within the duration of the symposium personally.

The Way of Works Selection:

The selection of the works will be carried out in two stages.
On the first stage, The mailed works and resumes to the Symposium Website will be investigated and selected by the council of section. Then the selected artists will be requested to mail the original Maquette to the secretariat Dept. of the symposium until the due date.
On the 2nd stage of the refereeing, The council of works selection will introduce 45 works of the received Maquettes to the secretariat Dept. for the final Execution.
All of the received Maquettes will be exhibited on the Exhibition Section.
The works which have been selected for the execution stage will belong to the symposium secretariat Dept.

The Terms of the Symposium:

The Travelling expense which will be paid to you by the Organization is as follows:
The Transportation Expense for the Middle East Artists will be $300. USD., For the Far East ,The European and African Artists $500.USD and For the Artists domiciled on The America and Oceania continents it will be $700.USD.
The payment By the Symposium to the participant artists on the Travertine Stone works will be $3,000.USD. , in Marble Stone works $3,500.USD. and on the Granite Stone works it will be $4,500.USD.
Transportation and Translator payments and in the case of need for introducing the assistant to the foreign artists will be on the charges of the secretariat office of the symposium. (The extra Personal expenses will be on the charges of the artists themselves.)
The artists are required to have the necessary personal luggage and to take by themselves the required personal Special tools.
One set of big Angle Grinder and one set of small Angle Grinder will be offered, which can be found on the domestic stocks.
3 series of Cutting Grinding Discs, special for Granite and Abrasive Grinding disc Set will be offered to the artists who have been selected in the section of the granite Stone Sections.
3 pcs. Cutting Grinding Discs and Abrasive grinding disc special for Travertine and Marble ( Two small Grinding Discs and 1 Big Grinding disc.) will be offered to the artists of these two sections.
The beginning date of getting to work of the participant artists in the granite Stone Section will be 10 days earlier than the work beginning day of the artists of Travertine and marble section, so granite section will be start on 16 Jul. 2016.
The Stone dimensions for each 3 section is 3x1.5 x1.5 M3.
All of the participants will be awarded the symposium certificate.
All of the artists, assistants and the symposium executive agents in the workshop site will be insured.
Crane, Air Compressor, electricity (220 V) is available on the workshop site.
The Symposium holding site is equipped with canopy and appropriate workplace.

The Symposium Holding Location will be declared later.

Symposium Timetable:

The Registration Ending Date 19 Jun. 2016. (extended)

Announcing the accepted Artists of 1st stage Refereeing 21 Jun. 2016. (extended)

The Deadline for Sending the selected Maquettes 28 Jun. 2016. (Not required for foreign countries)

Announcing the results of the final refereeing of the accepted artists 30 Jun. 2016.

Inauguration Ceremonies 15 Aug. 2016.

Symposium Workshop: 20 Working Days

Concluding Date of Symposium 05 Sep. 2016.

Termination Ceremonies Date 06 Sep. 2016.

The Symposium Prizes:

At the international Section of the Symposium 3 works will be selected according to the Judgment of the board of referees. Prizes will be awarded to the winners as follows:

The 1st place prize and bonus awards: The Appreciation Letter, the symposium Trophy, plus $4500.USD.

The 2st place prize and bonus awards: The Appreciation Letter, the Symposium Trophy, Plus $3500. USD.

The 3st place prize and bonus awards: The Appreciation Letter, the Symposium Trophy Plus $3000. USD.

The Symposium Rules:

The artists, who cancel the work continuation for the personal problems or do not complete the work within the due date, will not be entitled to receive the participation payment.
The symposium Working timetable: 8:30 (A.M) to 19 (P.M.) The continuation of the work out of the mentioned hours will not be possible.
It is necessary to mention that the discipline and the frame work of the symposium must be obeyed within the term of symposium holding, by the artists and the assistants.
It is necessary to mention that all of the artists and the assistants must obey all of the safety rules during working at the symposium workshop. The artists and the assistants are liable for any accident happening as the result of not obeying the safety rules.
All of the Sculpture works which are made at the symposium will belong to the Tabriz municipality and the right to use these works and their images on the Website, Pamphlet, Catalogue, Etc. is reserved for the secretariat.
In case of not completing the work on due date, the artist name will be omitted from the Final refereeing.
The artist is liable for the originality of his work idea and if, at any stage of the symposium, it is verified that the work is transcribed one, the name of the participant will be omitted and he/she is obligated to pay all of the expenses including the Price of the stone.
In case of occurring any cases out of the framework of the symposium the decision making will be within the responsibility of the symposium secretariat.


The registration deadline is over!